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Product No: NHL-CRN
Product price: $35.95
All 3,Toque , Scarf and Mitts are $35.95
Scarf alone is $12
Toque alone is $9
Scarf and Toque are $19.95
Mitts alone is $19.95
Mitts and Scarf are $30.95
Mitts and Toque are $27.95

If unsure of which size would fit you best, tell us your height with an email and we will recommend the best suited socks for you!

Toques and scarves are made from soft acrylic that keeps you warm in cold weather and soft on your skin.

Our mitts are made from durable knit yarn similar to our durable hockey socks on the outside and the inside consists of very warm soft fleece to keep your hands warm during cold winter months!