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Product No: CHS
Product price: $15.00
Background Colour:
Stripe 1 Colour:
Stripe 1 Width:
Stripe 2 Colour:
Stripe 2 Width:
Stripe 3 Colour:
Stripe 3 Width:
Stripe 4 Colour:
Stripe 4 Width:
Stripe 5 Colour:
Stripe 5 Width:
Stripe 6 Colour:
Stripe 6 Width:
Stripe 7 Colour:
Stripe 7 Width:
Stripe 8 Colour:
Stripe 8 Width:
Stripe 9 Colour:
Stripe 9 Width:

If unsure of which size would fit you best, tell us your height with an email and we will recommend the best suited socks for you!

Description Please keep in mind socks are limited to 4 colors including background when choosing sock pattern. This does not include any additional  logo or design.
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